Monday Morning

Something I aim to do each week is get up early on Monday morning. I use this quiet time to pray and prepare for the week that lies ahead. We live near a fire house and it is not uncommon on Monday mornings to hear the sirens once or twice before 8 am. Each time I hear them it reminds me of a something I learned when I was a pharmaceutical rep a few years back:  heart attacks occur most often on Monday mornings.

To be clear, they can happen anytime, but the waking hours on Monday seem to be prime time for an MI. Why? Research suggests that your blood platelets are more sticky in the morning and more likely to clot. So why on Monday? It is most likely a combination of  the stress of the coming work week, the stickiness of the platelets and an increase in a hormone called cortisol.

So what can you do to minimize the risk? Certainly diet and exercise are vital, but also do things that relieve stress like laughing (seriously), volunteering your time, helping others, and praying are helpful. Go to the American Heart Association to learn more about heart attacks and prevention.

As the sirens come and go I wonder about who paramedics are responding to. Is it a car accident on the tip of the morning rush hour? Is it a school bus accident? Is it a guy just like me who woke up, like he has done every morning of his life, only this time he had a heart attack? Does he have loved ones and a mortgage? Does he have regrets about words unsaid and dreams unfulfilled? It’s cliché, but there is no time like the present to do the truly important things….the impactful things.


While Mom is Away: Day Five

Now I know why they had not put on shoes, changed clothes, washed, or roamed very far from the fireplace the last 5 days – no Kelly around to keep order in the house! Clearly, I don’t run a tight ship.

They miss mom – me too. She’ll be home tonight!

While Mom is Away: Day Four

Up and at ’em!

They must have slept here last night and used all of these stuffed animals to stay warm. I seem to remember sending an email Tweet asking them to #washup, #changeclothes and #sleep in their #beds.

Note to self: need to work with them on social media comprehension. Kelly home tomorrow.

While Mom is Away: Day Three

Today has an “Occupy” vibe, complete with sit-in and chants:

“One, two, three, four (Garrett keeps counting through eleventeen), why are we sitting on the floor? Five, six, seven, eight (Garrett starts his ABC’s), can I have lunch on a plate?”

They still look good even though they have not put on shoes…or changed clothes….or moved from the fireplace. Let me assure you the house is warm and as for the clothes, they know the routine. My son has observed the dressing process for almost four years now. Time to buck up kid!  Ainsley too. Can’t they read the note I left for them explaining they need to change clothes? Oh well.

At least they found some paint to play with.

While Mom is Away: Day Two

We have been keeping busy, but I think Ainsley’s eyes capture the mood pretty well. If she hears me say “go play with your brother for a few minutes” one more time, she is going to pop.  Garrett, meanwhile, is as happy as a pig in mud.

Again, I would like to point out everyone is in good shape. Sure, their little feet are bare and it is winter, but it has been a mild winter.

While Mom is Away: Day One

So far, so good. See for yourself.  Everyone is of good cheer and reasonably good health. Kelly will be pleased.

On My Own With The Kids For A Week

Practicing a Skype call.

This week will be a test. While my wife, who also maintains my external memory, will be flying to Ecuador to distribute gifts to children for Samaritan’s Purse, I will be flying without a net on the home front….or maybe not.  She has put almost as much effort into making sure we will be OK as she has into getting prepared for her trip. For instance, she has

  • scripted out each day of the week and activities
  • arranged for sitters
  • listed snacks and meals
  • listed phone numbers and emergency contacts
  • listed activities to do
  • tested Skype to make sure we can talk during the week

I think we’ll be OK if I can remember my job is to stick to the list!