While Mom is Away: Day Two

We have been keeping busy, but I think Ainsley’s eyes capture the mood pretty well. If she hears me say “go play with your brother for a few minutes” one more time, she is going to pop.  Garrett, meanwhile, is as happy as a pig in mud.

Again, I would like to point out everyone is in good shape. Sure, their little feet are bare and it is winter, but it has been a mild winter.

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  1. Kiki

     /  February 24, 2012

    I love it.. I absolutely love it!! 🙂 I see that look on my daughters face sometimes too when we suggest she spend some time with her little brother.. of course sometimes it’s followed by a sigh and a little eye roll of disbelief. LOL
    Hey… they are still intact and look to be having lots of fun! Can’t help but notice that they are in the same clothes from the previous day. LOL It could be worse, my husband attended a camp last summer with my daughter and she went through 4 days of clothes within a matter of 5 hours (their first night at camp)?! hmm.. I still haven’t figured that one out. LOL She made it back home to me safely and that was what mattered most!You’re doing a wonderful job! Peace and Blessings, Kiki


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