Something Learned From Monty Python

The other morning I could overhear my wife telling the kids “sit down and eat your breakfast”. She must have said it 10 times before they finally understood. It reminded me of one of my favorite clips from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

In the clip the king orders the guards to do a simple thing: “Stay here and make sure he doesn’t leave”. In just over 104 seconds, the king repeats the order to the guards 15 times before they finally understand.

This clip reminds me of being a parent. Like the king in the clip, you must repeat yourself to your children so they will understand what you want them to do.  Why? Because as John Prine sang, “kids don’t know, they can only guess”. They look to us to get a sense of what is true.

The clip also reminds me of being clueless. My life is riddled with guard-like moments where I’m unsure, even though I know what to do and know the truth.

So how do you know the truth?

In the last few years I identified some areas of focus in my life. There are others, but here are three which require me to know the truth:

  • my faith
  • being a husband
  • being a father

In each of these areas, I strive to be the king (certain of the truth) but other times I slip and am the guard (struggling). No matter if I am striving or struggling, here are three things I do to stay centered on truth:

  • spend time in prayer.
  • spend time in scripture.
  • spend time with like-minded people.

When I am engaged and doing these things, I am at my best. When I am not doing these things, I struggle. What about you?

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