Three Moms I Know – Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers…we all have one. Some were good and some were not. For me, I was blessed with a wonderful mom. But there were others along the way who also cared for me.  So here are few words about “three moms” I know and am better for it.

My Mom

I have always admired her sense of adventure, even though she masked it well. On the surface, she appears to be the collected, practical mom – but I don’t feel that is the case. She loves to travel, was a PC and internet early adopter, and a pretty good artist (can stand on her head, too). Now, she is a master gardener. Her water colors my be packed away, but her artistic touch can be seen in the gardens she grows – specifically daylilies.  When I’m at her home I marvel at what she planted – it really is beautiful. Love you mom.


Composite Mom

My friends moms occupy a special place in my heart.  They car pooled on field trips, threw birthday parties, took us to the movies, the pool and practices.  They hosted, fed, fussed and cared for me, even though I wasn’t their son. So thank you in no particular order to Mrs. Wiedmer, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Horn, and  Mrs. McPherson. Without these ladies, things could have turned out differently. Love you moms.

My Wife

She blogs, cooks, cleans, plans, shops, teaches and manages our home. Kelly, like so many mothers, does the repetitive work of parenting very well. And just when she is about to pull her hair out, in come the kids to snuggle up with her – and it makes her day! The love they return to her just makes her beam. So Kelly, thank you for being a tremendous mother – it shows in all you do. Love you.



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  1. Mom

     /  May 12, 2012

    You are just the best!

  2. Thanks mom. Have fun in Ireland! Btw – need to add Doris Ann Russell to the list. She did a lot of hosting and hauling as well.


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